Environmental Policy

Coach Hire Is One Of The Greenest Ways To Travel

If you're thinking about travelling by coach then you're already doing your bit for the environment. Just travelling by coach causes less pollution, per person per kilometre, than it would do travelling as a group on a train or in a car.

Mint Coaches is proud to provide coach hire for many occasions; take, for example, a music festival. With thousands of people travelling by car to one specific location, miles and the pollution can quickly add up. Travelling by coach can be one simple way to curb this; we provide 14-57 seater coaches, so that your group can travel, with ease, and reduce the emissions that pollute our planet.

We have ensured that every one of our coaches has the latest Euro IV and V engines, meaning that they comply specifically with European regulations on emissions. However, we are proud to say that one of our new 44 seater coaches will be fitted with a brand new Euro VI engine, meaning that will emit less emissions per mile than ever before.

We also meet new regulations set by Transport for London. As a London based coach company, we work within the London Low Enission Zone (LEZ). To achieve this, we not only ensure that all our coaches are LEZ compliant, but we also use specialised catalytic converters and 'Add Blue' technology to further reduce our emissions throughout our fleet.

In addition to this, all of our drivers are trained to use the most eco-friendly routes; meaning that you pay less whilst helping the planet. Our specially trained employees find not only the quickest route, but also the route that will involve using less emissions and therefore lessening any potential pollution.

However, one of the simplest ways that we have started to help the environment is to significantly reduce our paper trail. We use computer programmes to manage and organise our coach fleet, and, where possible, we use e-mail and telephone correspondence. In addition to this, we are working with our operations department to ensure that all of our vehicle engineers are managing their waste effectively. This means that our contractors, as well as our office workers and drivers always recycle and use recycled materials where possible.