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10) Alnwick Castle, Newcastle

Harry takes his first flying lesson in the courtyard of this beautiful castle, located 30 miles outside of Newcastle.

9) Lavenham, Suffolk

This quaint little town is home to the famous Godric’s Hollow, which features heavily in the Deathly Hallows: Part II.

8) Lacock, Wiltshire

The stunning Lacock Abbey is home to the wicked Professor Snape’s classroom!

7) Gloucester Cathedral, nr Bath

This gothic Cathedral’s cloisters are features many times throughout the Harry Potter movies, especially for those mysterious scenes.

6) Fort William, Scotland

what if I were to tell you that the Hogwarts Express is real? The Jacobite Steam Strain runs across the beautiful Scottish countryside between Mallaig and Fort William.

5) Bracknell, London

In this sleepy town resides the Dursley family, at number 4 Privet Drive. The real life road is a generic suburban bricked road, named Picket Close.

4) The Millennium Bridge, London

Made particularly famous by the film trailer, this Thames footbridge was featured in The Half-Blood Prince; death-eaters make chase and the bridge collapses in a thrilling finale to this blood-curdling film.

3) London Zoo, Regents Park, London

Home to a pivotal scene in the Harry Potter series, when Harry realises that he is a parseltongue, and is closer to Voldemort than anyone ever realised.

2) The University of Oxford, Oxford

This world renown centre of further education plays host to Harry and his wizarding friends in several movies. The Great Hall is modelled on the dining Hall in the great Christ Church College dining hall, and its mythical stone staircase is sampled in several movies. Several of the University’s libraries are used throughout the films, including the restricted book section in The Sorcerer’s Stone, which is filmed inside Oxford’s Duke Humfrey’s Library.

1) Kings Cross Station, London

Home to the infamous Platform 9¾, this just had to be our number one choice in the Top Ten Harry Potter UK Film Sites and Locations. It is here that Harry and his friends start their adventures each semester, pushing through a magical pillar between platforms nine and ten. Hardcore fans can go to Kings Cross and take a photo with a cart disappea ring between tracks eight and nine!